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Distribution means getting your video message out to reach the largest possible audience. This includes posting streaming videos on world class platforms like YouTube or Vimeo Channel, placing your video on your website, screening it at a live event, meeting, fundraising event, conference or hosting a Virtual Screening.

Did you know that Streaming Virtual Screenings is the latest cutting-edge tool for film and video distribution? Prior to the pandemic filmmakers were beginning to stream video and live presentations online Via Zoom and other new platforms like Show and Tell. Now, streaming Virtual Screenings provide the highest quality and most effective efficient means you can use to reach untapped audiences! This means reaching the largest possible audience within a smaller budget.

Star Dancer Studios can help you create a Virtual Screening event as that will bring you the biggest return on your investment. These platforms support you in getting your message out into the world or to reach a niche market. Please call to discuss how these new opportunities can help you achieve your goals. Learn how you can raise funds and enroll partners with an online event or Virtual Screening of your video.

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